Welcome to the Bois Forte Duluth Urban Community page. This information is shared to help strengthen communication and build stronger community among all members of the Bois Forte Band of Chippewa.

If you have questions or would like to add information to the page, please contact the Duluth Urban Office:


Wendy Drift, Duluth Urban Office Coordinator

Wendy Drift, Office Coordinator
Bois Forte Duluth Urban Office Damiano Building
206 West 4th Street #204
Duluth, MN 55806

Phone:    218-336-1048
Fax:          218-336-1049
Cell:         218-206-5629

Office Hours:

     Monday - Friday
     8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Duluth Urban Office Facebook Group

Duluth area Band members please join our Facebook group!
Stay informed of any activities and events.

Community Events Calendar for 2017

Talking Circle
Facilitated by Margaret “Banoon” Benner & Lindsey Markwardt

When: Wednesday’s, Starting 10/11/17
Where: Duluth Urban Office Room 204
Time: 12:00pm
Refreshments will be provided!
Damiano Building
206 West 4th Street


“Regalia Making Class”

Regalia making class for band members living in the Duluth area!
(Jingle Dress or Grass Dance)

Class Dates are: November 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th, & 13th
from 4:00pm-7:00pm. You must attend the first two classes to qualify for the FREE materials.
An instructor will be available on all 5 dates.
Classes will be held at the
Damiano Center Conference Room #205
(Across the hall from the Bois Forte Urban Office).
Due to costs and a limited amount of space, class size is limited to 6 participants. Please call Wendy
at 218-336-1048 or 218-206-5629
for more information or to sign-up!
(1st come, 1st served)