Robert “Bob” McKenzie

Robert “Bob” McKenzie, 74, of Minneapolis, passed away on Friday, April 27, 2012, at the Augustina Health Care Center in Minneapolis.

He was born July 8, 1937, at White Earth. He lived early years in Northern Minnesota and has resided in the Minneapolis area for many years.

Bob was an esteemed member of the Creekside Jam in Minneapolis. His musicianship and personality were a perfect combination to solidify his position as a star in band of mostly senior musicians. Even with extraordinary physical difficulties he was a regular instilling in all of us the age old adage “the show must go on.”

Bob was very proud of his Native American heritage. He would not hesitate to talk about it. There was not a single person in his circle who was not aware of this fact. He was an exemplary example for his people. Bob never shied away from discussing his challenges with alcoholism. He never tried to hide the fact and considered his success in conquering it his greatest achievement. He would regularly say, “The worst thing about being an ex-alcoholic is the memories of those he had hurt.”

He had an endless group of friends at Creekside who loved him and cared for him. Two of those should be mentioned. Earle Anderson picked up Bob at his apartment and brought him to shows and took him home for years. Bob and Earle were dear friends. And I would mention his friend Pat. Pat was a consistent and loyal friend of Bob’s for many years. Finally, Bob was my guitar mentor for 7 years. He was not easy, sometimes harsh, but the bottom line is I am much, much better than I would be if he had not been in my life. All of us are much, much better.

The above words were shared by Dave Bowers, a friend of Bob’s.

Bob is survived by 2 daughters, Noreen Johnson of Mpls. and Karen Johnson of Redwood Falls, MN; a cousin , Connie

Wahpepah of Mpls., and numerous other special relatives and friends.

SERVICES: Traditional graveside services were held at the Nett Lake Cemetery on Sunday, May 6, 2012. Gilbert Smith was the spiritual advisor.

Funeral arrangements were with Mlaker Funeral Home in Cook.