Eric Robert Jacobsen, 55, a teacher of East
Stroudsburg Area School
District for 13 years in
Pennsylvania passed away
suddenly on Thursday
January 15, 2015. He was
the loving husband of
Linda Jacobsen. He was
an enthusiastic member of
the Paupack Sailing Club
in Hawley Pennsylvania.
Eric loved to ride motorcycles, garden, home
renovation, and his cat Sylvester. He had a passion
for teaching everyone about everything and
touched the lives of hundreds of schoolchildren
over the years. He proudly served the United
States Army Veteran as a medic in his youth. Like
his uncle, Carl Gawboy, he had a passion for art in
all forms. A painting gifted to his mother by Carl
was one of his prized possessions. Like his uncle,
James Gawboy, retired game warden and parent to
many he taught his child and stepchildren a love of
nature and each other.
Eric was a proud tribal member of the Bois Forte
Band and enjoyed confirming the oral traditions of
the Ojibwe told by his late mother, Eleanor Gawboy
Jacobsen, R.N. with the genealogical research of
his wife. His late Grandfather, Robert Gawboy
(b. 1904) was noted to be of the Caribou clan and
married Helmi Jarvinen, a Finnish schoolteacher
of the Tower School. In addition the their children,
Carl and James, they had daughters, Patricia, Helmi,
Beatrice and his mother, Eleanor Roosevelt.
His Great Grandfather James Gawboy (also known
as Tay ni wa nise or Bi ni wa nise) married Bessie
Whiteman. His Great Great Grandfather Ne Gah
Ne Gaw Bowh (He who stands ahead) signed
several treaties as a headsman in the tribe.
He is survived by his wife, Linda; daughter,
Kelsey Jacobsen; and stepchildren Joseph, David,
Michelle and Eric. Many friends include those in
his sailing club and Alcohol Anonymous Group.
A memorial service was held on Sunday January
18, 2015 at 2:30 PM at the First Baptist Church, 160
North Courtland St. East Stroudsburg. Arrangements
were made by Lanterman and Allen Funeral Home.
The family is seeking guidance from the Elders
and any relatives on the Midewin tradition of
his ancestors of building a spirit house for fin