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The Bois Forte Urban Office is located at 1308 East Franklin Ave. Suite 112, in Minneapolis. Jacque Wilson is the Urban Office Coordinator. You can reach the office at 612-871-6618 or or click here to be connected to the urban office web page.

KBFT 89.9 Bois Forte Tribal Radio presents US Silver Medalist, Hall Of Fame NHL Player, Author- Henry Boucha and Native Americana Musician- Fargo Arizona on Wednesday, October 19th at 5pm.

Also Tuesday, October 25 at 5pm we have a Native Artist Fest Event with Ojibwe painter Jim Denomie.

Both events will be at the Tribal Government Center in the Migizi Room.

Health and Human Services  FLU SHOT CLINIC


From 9 AM – 5 PM at the Vermilion Center, Tower, MN




Don’t let the FLU ruin your holidays!!!


OPENS SUNSET (6:20 p.m.), Saturday, October 15th, 2016.
CLOSES SUNRISE (7:56 a.m.), Monday, October 31st, 2016.
Questions, call Troy K. at (218) 410-474

  • Please have your ID and Tribal Hunting License with you when hunting or transporting any game taken.
  • Please be safe and sure of your target before shooting.
  • Please take plenty of time and be thorough when searching for game that has been shot at.
  • It is the hunter/hunters responsibility to know the seasons and the Conservation Code before any hunting/gathering begins

Bois Forte Head Start, Early Head Start &

Child Care has openings

Click here for more information and enrollment dates for Nett Lake and Vermilion or contact Christine Lundemo or Vondalee Carr at 218.757.3265.



Honoring Our Warriors -

Bois Forte Veteran's Celebration - Nov 9

Everyone is invited to the Bois Forte Veteran's Celebration on Wednesday, November 9 in the Migizi Room at the RTG, Nett Lake.  For more information contact Louise Isham at 218.757.3261 or

Tribal Chair Cathy Chavers sent a letter of support to the Tribal Chair of the Standing Rock Community in their opposition to the proposed Dakota Access pipeline.

Click here to read the letter.

Nett Lake Boys & Girls Club Job Opportunities

Youth Development Staff - Part Time Position

This position is responsible for leading programming for youth ages 6-18 and serving as role models to a diverse population.  Individual must be energetic, motivated and enjoy working with youth.  High School diploma required.  Experience or training in coaching sports teams, teaching, visual arts or performing arts is helpful.  Hourly wage, vacation and 401K Benefits.  (Equal opportunity employer and program provider.)

Apply online:

Application deadline: Open

October Bois Forte News

The October Bois Forte News has been posted. Click here to view a copy.

Enrollment Office Needs Your Help to Locate Band Members

If you know any of the individuals on this list, please have them call the Enrollment office at 218-757-3261 EXT. 162. If you know that someone on the list is deceased, please send documentation of death (Memorial card, Obituary, Death Certificate, etc) to Bois Forte Enrollment Office 5344 Lakeshore Drive, Nett Lake, MN 55772.

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The Bois Forte Language App is Now Available

How to Get the Bois Forte Language App

For iPhone & iPad: 
For Android devices:
  • Go to the App Store
  • Tap the search icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Type bois forte ojibway into the search blank at the top of the screen
  • Tap the Search button
  • When Bois Forte Language App appears, tap Get
  • Go to the Google Play Store
  • Tap the search icon at the top of the screen
  • Type bois forte into the search blank
  • Tap the Search button
  • When Bois Forte Tribal Government appears, tap Install

The app is free, but you must have an Apple iCloud account to download it. If you don’t have an iCloud account, you will be prompted to create one. As part of creating the account, you will be asked for credit card information. You will not be charged, because the app is free, but you still need to enter the credit card information to activate the account. If you don’t have a credit card, you can buy a prepaid card at Walmart, Target or your local pharmacy.

The app is free, but you must have a Google Play account to download it. If you don’t have a Google Play account, you will be prompted to create one. As part of creating the account, you will be asked for credit card information. You will not be charged, because the app is free, but you still need to enter the credit card information to activate the account. If you don’t have a credit card, you can buy a prepaid card at Walmart, Target or your local pharmacy.

Palmquist Demolition Landfill Temporarily Closed


The demolition landfill by Palmquist is temporarily closed while Environmental Services gets the area cleaned up and organized. Dumping at the landfill while it’s closed is illegal. People using the site will be charged with trespassing without prior approval from the Environmental program. If you need to dispose of demolition material or salvage something for a project, or if you see someone dumping at the site, please call Environmental Services at 218-757-3261.

Newer Vehicle Loans for Qualified Borrowers


Northern Eagle Federal Credit Union is introducing newer vehicle loans for qualified buyers up to $25,000. For more information contact the Credit Union 218.757.0299 (Nett Lake Branch) or 218.753.7878 (Vermilion Branch).


Click here for an application, deadline, May 31, 2017. Contact Michelle Fisher with questions

Burial Fund Application Updated

The Bois Forte Burial Fund helps pay funeral expenses for Band members and provides assistance to families after the death of a loved one. The maximum amount available for funeral expenses is $6,000. Click here to download the revised application.

New Tribal Enrollment Identification Card

In order to get a new Identification Card, Band Members will still need to present documentation that establishes their identity. This is a requirement by the State of Minnesota and a card will not be issued without the required documents.


The cards that some Band Members may have are still valid and a re-issue fee of $12 will be charged if the Band Member would like a new card prior to their current cards expiration date.


One of the benefits of the new Identification Card is that the card program runs off of the same database that Enrollment staff use to keep Band Member information current. So if a Band Member has already presented an Original Certified Birth Certificate it should be in the database. Band Members will still need to present a secondary form of identification.


Click here to see the Policy & Guidelines for Issuance of Tribal Enrollment Picture Identification Cards and the forms of identification that are needed to get a Tribal Identification Card.


If you have questions, call the enrollment office at 218-757-3261 ext. 162 or email the Enrollment Coordinator at

A phone call or email before coming to get an identification card is appreciated. This will prevent Band Members from traveling to Nett Lake only to find out that they need a secondary form of identification or are required to pay a fee.

New Moon is Accepting Applications

New Moon Housing is accepting applications for 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units. 

Call 218-753-3131 or 218-326-5314 to request an application.

Bois Forte Emergency Fund

The Emergency Assistance Fund (EAF) was established by the Bois Forte Tribal Council to help Band members deal with emergencies. The 2016 EAF has money available for qualified applicants. To learn more about the EAF or to download the Guidelines & Application, visit the Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO) page by clicking on this link.

Please note, applicants need to provide all three of the following: a signed application, proof of denial from another funding source, a quote or bill for the item you are requesting assistance with. Applications that do not include all three of the above items are considered incomplete.

Located on the shores of beautiful Lake Vermilion and on the grounds of Fortune Bay Resort, Casino & Golf Course. We are dedicated to telling the Bois Forte Ojibwe story-as our name-Atisokanigamig or LEGEND HOUSE tells.




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