Planning and Community Development

Address: 5344 Lakeshore Drive Nett Lake MN 55772
Phone: 218-757-3261 or 800-221-8129
Fax: 218-757-3312

Land Use Application Permit

Bois Forte Comp Plan

Bois Forte Zoning Ordinance

Energy Assistance


The Energy Assistance Office is located in the Government and Community Services Building in Nett Lake

5344 Lake Shore Drive, Nett Lake, MN 55772  


For information on Bois Forte's Energy Assistance program, contact Missy Fisher at 218-757-3261 Ext. 197 or


For more information on the Minnesota Department of Commerce energy assistance program, Click on this link or insert  in your browser.

Employee Name Title Phone Ext Email

Andy Datko

Planning and Community Development




Sidra Starkovich

Grants Manager



Bill Whiteman Comprehensive Planner 218-757-3261 193


Kevin Koski Emergency Preparedness Director 218-757-3261 194 Email
Donald Chosa Language and Cultural Coordinator 218-757-3261 202 Email
Jennie Rowland Transportation Manager 218-757-3261 200 Email
Darren Landgren Transit Dispatch      
Dave Steel Transit Driver      
Patrick Connor Transit Driver      
Nikki Pieratos Northern Eagle federal Credit Union 218-757-3261 192 Email
Missy Fisher Energy Assistance/Registrar 218 757 3261 197 Email
Dave Anderson Construction Manager 800-992-7529 7722 Email
Robbie Goggleye Facilities Maintenance Sup. 218-757-3261 236 Email
Adrian Jones Maintenance Tech      
Barry Porter

Maintenance Tech

Ernie Barto Maintenance Tech      
Ron LaRoque Maintenance Tech      
Kevin Strong Vermilion Operations Director 800-223-4170    
Dale Boshey Maintenance Tech 800-223-4170    
Robert Moyer Jr. Elder Assistance Worker 800-223-4170    
Geraldine Hanks Administrative Assistant 800-223-4170    
Peggy Connor Veteran’s logbook project consultant 218-757-3261 201 Email
Tom Burr Realty Manager 218 757 3261 303 Email