Human Services Program Information

Nett Lake


Bois Forte Human Services
13071 Nett Lake Road, Suite B

Nett Lake, MN 55771








Bois Forte Human Services
1195 County Road 77

Tower, MN  55790

Phone: 218-753-2347




It is the mission of the Human Services Department of the Bois Forte Band of Ojibwe to nurture the growth of clients, colleagues, and the community by providing comprehensive, quality services in an environment of respect, fairness and integrity.



Services provided include: Substance Use Disorder Assessments (rule 25), transportation to those in need of services within a 85 mile radius, Step-up Case Management, Outpatient Treatment, Step-down Case Management, Phase II Relapse Prevention, Individual Counseling, Community Gatherings, Sobriety Feast, Prevention services and activities to the Youth within the Bois Forte Community and also a satellite office that provides Prevention services and after school activities in the International Falls area.



Nett Lake Human Services Address:

13071 Nett Lake Road Suite B

Nett Lake, MN 55772

Phone: 218-757-3295
Fax: 218-757-0109
Vermilion Clinic Address:

1613 Farm Road South

Tower, MN 55790

Phone: 218-753-2182
Fax: 218-753-2183


To schedule appointments at the Nett Lake or Vermilion sites call 218-757-3295 Ext 263. You may also call 218-753-2182 for Vermilion site only.


Text to schedule or cancel appointments now available: 
Erin Danielson @218-404-9167 M-F 8:00-4:30 only.


Behavioral Health Records Requests

Mail requests to:

Behavioral Health Records 13071 Nett Lake Road Suite B, Nett Lake MN 55772
Or you may Fax requests to: 218-757-0109 Attn: Behavioral Health Records


Services Provided

Diagnostic Assessments
Outpatient Therapy for Individuals and Families
Substance Use Counseling and Referrals
Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS)
Hearth Connection Homeless Program/Adult Mental Health Targeted Case Management (AMH-TCM)
Coordinated Entry VI-SPADT Assessments
Special Mental Health Services Referrals


Melissa Wright LSW- Behavioral Health Supervisor/Practitioner 218-757-3295 Ext 297

  • Oversees the Behavioral Health Department and provides ARMHS services in Nett Lake and Vermilion

Emily Barto MA, LPCC- Behavioral Health Professional/Clinical Supervisor 218-753-2182

  • Provides outpatient therapy at Vermilion and Nett Lake, and is the clinical supervisor for staff.

Jane Lawrenz MA, LP - Volunteer Psychologist 218-757-3295 Ext 259

  • Provides outpatient therapy in Nett Lake on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of every month

Joe Witt MA, LP - Volunteer Psychologist 218-757-3295 Ext 261

  • Provides outpatient therapy in Nett Lake on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of every month

Marilee “Mari” Barto – Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Worker 218-757-3295 Ext 292

  • Provides ARMHS services in Nett Lake and Vermilion

Waynette “Nettie” Larsen- Homeless Program Case Manager 218-757-3295 Ext 258

  • Provides Targeted Case Management services to long term homeless individuals and families and conducts coordinated entry VI-SPADT assessments.

Erin Danielson- Behavioral Health Services Coordinator 218-757-3295 Ext 263

  • Responsible for all service coordination and schedules all therapy appointments



Offers services to domestic violence and sexual assault victims, emotional support, safety planning, legal advocacy, emergency shelter, referrals, filing Orders for Protection and Harassment Restraining Orders, providing community education and both one-to-one or support group sessions.




Offers Case Management, Home Studies, Court Advocacy, Crisis Intervention, Child Maltreatment Interviews, Supportive Services, Life Skills, Home Management, Recruiting Foster Families, Supervised Visits, Effective Perenting Education, Truancy Case Monitoring, Victim Services.



Services offered include nutritious meals served daily, Monday thru Friday at the Nett Lake and Vermilion Community Centers with home delivered meals available to Elders who are unable to get to the ENP sites. Monthly newsletters are distributed to all Elders in the surrounding areas, to keep communication available on planned activities, i.e. concerts, pow-wows, etc., and includes other helpful information. Other programs available are: Wisdom Steps (preventative health program for Elders), transportation for shopping monthly, Needs Program, which is for Bois Forte Band members who reside in the State of Minnesota, are disabled or over the age of 55 yrs., access and referrals to other programs such as the Equipment Distribution Program and Social Security, etc. Located at the Community Center, 5322 St. Mary's Drive in Nett Lake, Telephone: (218) 757-3790. The Vermilion site is located in the Vermilion Social Center, Tower, Telephone: (218) 753-4542




The Nutrition Education program provides individual and group education in four basic core areas. Participants will learn: Diet Quality - plan nutritious, inexpensive meals for your family; Food Safety - handle and store your food to prevent illness; Food Security - plan healthy meals to fit your budget; Grocery Shopping - stretch your food dollars farther. Lessons include cooking classes, demonstrations, shopping trips, and games to name a few. All food items are provided as well as incentives for attending classes or lessons. Everyone is welcome for group or individual sessions.



The Food Distribution Program provides services to as many eligible participants as possible within the service area, which includes the Vermilion sector of the Bois Forte Reservation. Deliveries are made to Vermilion on the 10th of every month and also to the Elders living on the Reservation. Program eligibility is based on income guidelines and deductions. Office hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, with the last day of every month closed due to inventory. Located at 5316 St. Mary's Drive, Nett Lake, Minnesota 55772 Telephone: (218) 757-3504, Toll-free 877-698-0595, Fax: (218) 757-0166



Employee Name Title Phone Ext.  

Substance Use Disordery/New Moon Supportive Housing


Pamela Hughes

Substance Use Disorder/New Moon Program Director

218 753 2347



Adam Vake

Substance Use Disorder Coordinator

218 757 0233    

Katherine "Katy" Laitinen

Substance Use Disorder Counselor

218 757 0233



Terry Strong

Substance Use Prevention Specialist

218 757 0233

Vacant Substance Use Disorder Counselor 218 753 2347    
Corinna Lyons Case Manager - New Moon Supportive Housing 218 753 3131    
Tracie Chosa Tenant Service Coordinator New Moon Supportive Housing 218 753 3131    
Cheyanne Farmer Chemical Health Specialist, International Falls Office 218 373 0300    
Sheryl Gonier Homeless Youth Program Administrator 218 757 3295    

Indian Child Welfare/Victim Services

Angela Wright ICW/VS Supervisor      
Panda Whiteman Victims Services Coordinator 218 757 3295 279  
Erin Danielson Indian Child Welfare Administrative Assitant 218 757 3295 275  
Regina Howe

Case Manager

Muriel Deegan Case Manager      
Renika Love Case Manager      
Wendy Deathrage Case Manager      
Davelle Jones Case Manager      
Janell Smith Family Support Coordinator      
Whitney Humphrey Victim Services Advocate      
Dalene Chosa Victim Services Administrator      

Elderly Services Food Distribution


Mavis Drift

Food Distribution - Elder Program Administrator 218 757 3790    
Wendy Zika Food Distribution - Certification Clerk 218 757 3504    
Shirley Benner Elder Activities Coordinator 218 757 3790    


Cooks, Nett Lake 218 757 3790    

Cecilia Gonier

Cooks Aide, Nett Lake      

Pat Running Bear

Cook, Vermilion      
Vacant ENP Aide, Vermilion      

Merrilee Connor

Family Caregiver Aide      
  ENP Worker, Nett Lake 218 757 3790