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Program Description

The Early Child Hood/Head Start programs offer child care and pre-school services for children ages 0-5. The Higher Education programs offer scholarships based upon need as defined by a school financial aid officer. The maximum allowance is $5,000 per academic year for undergraduates and $6,250 per academic year for graduate students.

The WIA (Workforce Investment Act) provides supportive services to assist individuals who are economically disadvantaged, unemployed or underemployed.The Direct Employment program assists band members who have recently obtained employment within a 90 mile radius of the Reservation with work related expenses.

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Youth Opportunities

The Minnesota Historical Society is offering two high school internship programs and are looking for teens interested in art and history as it relates to cultural inclusion and historical relevance to current events.  Information is below.

Applications are due August 21!  To apply visit:


PhotographyMazinaakizige: American Indian Teen Photography Project is looking for six teen participants interested in art and photography to create a traveling exhibition throughout the state of Minnesota.  Students will explore historical and current representations of American Indian communities and work together to take ownership of their own stories.  This program is in partnership with Two Rivers Gallery and will meet there on Wednesdays from September 20 to December 15 from 4:00-7:00. Program staff contact:


Teen Action GroupTeen Action Group is a school-year long program that helps introduce diverse high school students to museums, what they do, and how communities are represented.  Together, they will research underrepresented histories, organize events, and present their findings in new ways.  This program uses historical knowledge and resources to learn about current events and issues affecting Minnesota's diverse communities.  TAG meets at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul on Tuesdays from 3:45-6:15 from September 19, 2017 to May 22nd, 2018. Program staff contact:


College Tuition Waiver for Native American Students

Many states have enacted laws providing for scholarships,tuition waivers, or grant programs for Native Americans. Most of the states require that students be residents of the state prior to enrolling in a state college/university and/or be a member of a tribe from that state. Students should check with the colleges they are interested to see if Native American scholarships or tuition waivers are offered.

Click here to see a list of states that provide in-state tuition rates or tuition waiver to Native American students. Visit the state college/university website listed and search under "Financial Aide" for "American Indian" tuition waiver.






All students are to complete the Bois Forte Scholarship Application and the FAFSA each year. The FAFSA form can be obtained by clicking here  Students attending school in the state of MN are required to complete the MN Indian Scholarship Application.  The link to the Indian Scholarship page at the Office of Higher Education is Students attending school outside the state of MN are to complete the Out of State form below.  All of these must be completed annually.


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Bois Forte Scholarship Application

Out of State Application

2015 -2016 Annual public Report



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Billie Mason

Education Director




Leanne Hoffman

Education Programs Technician




Christine Lundemo

Early Childhood Program Director




Vondalee Carr

Data Manager / Early Head Start- Child Care Supervisor


Heather Nelson Education & Disabilities Manager 218-757-3265    

Laura Ferwalt

Health & Safety Manager / Nurse


Mark Salmela Family Services & Transportation Manager 218-757-3265    
Angela Rendulich Nett Lake Head Start Teacher 218-757-3265    
Heather Nelson Nett Lake Head Start Teacher 218-757-3265    
Lori Hawk Early Head Start-Child Care Teacher 218-757-3265    
Vacant Early Head Start-Child Care Teacher 218-757-3265    
Dalene Chosa Head Start Teacher 218-757-3265    
Tiandra Geyshick Head Start Teacher Aide 218-757-3265    
Sara Howe Early Head Start-Child Care Teacher 218-757-3265    
Hailey Villebrun Early Head Start-Child Care Teacher 218-757-3265




Vermilion Head Start/Daycare

Office: 218-753-2024 Fax: 218-753-1255        
Amber Wilke Vermilion Center & Family Services Manager 218-753-2024    
Tania Wilkin Vermilion Head Start Teacher 218-753-2024    
Rhiannon Strong Vermilion Head Start Teacher 218-753-2024    
Tiffany Illg Vermilion Early Head Start-Child Care Teacher 218-753-2024    
Linda Bajan Vermilion Early Head Start-Child Care Teacher 218-753-2024    
Shelly Tibbetts Vermilion Head Start Teacher Aide 218-753-2024    
Felicia Mason Vermilion Head Start-Child Care Teacher 218-753-2024    

Wilma Andrews

Vermilion Head Start Cook 218-753-2024    
Christopher Schuster Vermilion Head Start Teacher Aide 218-753-2024    

KBFT 89.9FM Bois Forte Community Radio

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