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Wildland Fires

We do several activities to prevent destructive fires from occuring at Nett Lake. Some of the actions that we do to control fires are:

Fuel Reduction

We remove brush around residential areas so that if a fire does start, losses will be minimal. Flammable brush such as balsam fir or young jack pine is sometimes considered more of a risk around residential areas than deciduous brush. Fuel reduction also includes cutting fire breaks to stop forest fires.

Fire Prevention

We are present at many events to raise awareness so that residents are careful not to let fires get out of control. We also issue burn permits, as controlled, prescribed fires are an efficient way to reduce fuels.

Fire Suppression

In the event that a fire escapes control, we have equipment to directly suppress fire. We have several vehicles capable of carrying hundreds of gallons of water even to off-road sites, fully equipped with pressurized hoses to drench a fire with water and foam. We have a water storage tank that enables quick refilling, and we also have tools such as pulaskies and fire rakes to suppress fires in the event that water is not available. We staff based on fire weather to act as responders. To view fire weather, visit