Contact: Angie King
Tribal Enrollment Coordinator

5344 Lakeshore Drive
Nett Lake MN, 55772


1-218-757-3261 x162

218-248-0581 cell phone

Fax: 1-218-757-3312
Email: awhiteman@boisforte-nsn.gov


Please contact the Tribal Enrollment Officer regarding enrollment, trust funds, burial assistance, change of address, picture identification cards, enrollment cards, enrollment verification and any other enrollment matters.


Tribal ID PolicyPer Capita Policy | Birth Certificate Purchasing Policy



Bois Forte Band of Chippewa Enrollment Application

Minnesota Chippewa Tribe Application

Burial Fund Application

Change of Address

Trust Fund Release Form

Trust Fund Release Form for an Appointed Guardian



Enrollment needs your assistance locating Band members.

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*updated on 8.2.17*


Please note:

  • Important letters and notices are sent thoughout the year and the enrollment office would appreciate if Band members keep current addresses on file.

  • Address changes will not be accepted via fax, email or phone. Please send changes by US Mail only. Address changes are required to be in writing (address change forms are available for download). Please include the following; full name including maiden name, date of birth, last address, current address, signature and date.

  • If a Band member has a name change and wishes to have the change reflected in any mailings, proper documentation must be submitted. Documentation can be a marriage license showing the name before and after, legal court order, or divorce showing your name. Also, this change will have to be in writing and sent by US Mail.

New Tribal Enrollment Identification Card


In order to get a new Identification Card, Band Members will still need to present documentation that establishes their identity. This is a requirement by the State of Minnesota and a card will not be issued without the required documents.

  • The cards that some Band Members may have are still valid and a re-issue fee of $12 will be charged if the Band Member would like a new card prior to their current cards expiration date.
  • One of the benefits of the new Identification Card is that the card program runs off of the same database that Enrollment staff use to keep Band Member information current. So if a Band Member has already presented an Original Certified Birth Certificate it should be in the database. Band Members will still need to present a secondary form of identification.
  • Click here to see the Policy & Guidelines for Issuance of Tribal Enrollment Picture Identification Cards and the forms of identification that are needed to get a Tribal Identification Card.

If you have questions, call the enrollment office at 218-757-3261 ext. 162 or email the Enrollment Coordinator at awhiteman@boisforte-nsn.gov

A phone call or email before coming to get an identification card is appreciated. This will prevent Band Members from traveling to Nett Lake only to find out that they need a secondary form of identification or are required to pay a fee.