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Bois Forte Culture Committee

The purpose of the Bois Forte Culture Committee is to plan, organize, and oversee all Anishinaabe language and cultural gatherings, projects, teachings, events and powwows sponsored by the Bois Forte Tribal Government.


The Committee may appoint from its members or other volunteers a Subcommittee for a Powwow or other significant activity or event. Each Subcommittee must have at least two Culture Committee members who shall serve as Coordinators. The Subcommittee shall have such responsibilities as the Culture Committee may designate, including the responsibility for preparing a budget/justification for the event and submitting it to the Culture Committee not less than thirty days prior to the event.


Read the Bois Forte Culture Committee ByLaws


Bois Forte Culture Committee Officers

Chairperson: Vacant
Vice-Chair: Jacque Wilson

Louise Isham



Bois Forte Culture Committee Members