Welcome to the Bois Forte Minneapolis Urban Community page. This information is shared to help strengthen communication and build stronger community among all members of the Bois Forte Band of Chippewa.

If you have questions or would like to add information to the page, please contact the Minneapolis Urban Office:

     Jacque Wilson, Minneapolis Urban Office Coordinator

     1308 East Franklin Ave

     Minneapolis, MN 55404

     Office: 612-871-6618
     Cell: 612-747-5247



News and Announcements

American Indian Community Development Corporation will be updating contact information for Elders interested in the Bii Di Gain Dash Anwebi Elder Housing at 24 th St. & Bloomington Ave. S.  We encourage all Native American Elders in need of housing and who are 62yrs + to apply or update their application. The waitlist will be opening within the next 3 weeks.


Please contact Diane Grooms as soon as possible at 612-251- 8794 .
Posted 6.9.17.

Community Meeting Guidelines

The Bois Forte Urban Community meets monthly for dinner, discussion and interesting speakers. The Community developed their own guidelines for the monthly meetings. Click here to see the guidelines.


Community Events Calendar for 2018

Metro Meeting
January 10th @ 5pm
Office: 612-871-6618