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The Bois Forte Transit Service has begun to operate. Click here for information on routes.  Read on to learn the answer to frequently asked questions.


Frequently Asked Questions


When will the transit service begin?

A contract with Arrowhead Transit will be a scheduled bus route from Virginia to Vermilion will began in late May to run daily Monday – Friday.  We will also be picking up riders that have called in for the return trip to Virginia and reversing the route at the end of the day.

We also will be using our own bus for weekly shopping runs for residents to determine the level of interest. Continue to visit this website for the official start date.

How was the route determined?

Planning and Community Development Staff surveyed Band Members to determine where transit services are needed. They will continue to take suggestions and determine where the services are needed.

Who can use the transit services?


The new transit system will serve everyone in the region, not just Band members.


Is there a fee to use this service?


There will be a nominal fee for this service, but it will remain affordable to all riders.  Continue to visit this website for fee information once it is determined.

Why was this service created? How is it helpful?


To start with the transit service will help all residents not just Band Members, with weekly grocery runs, services will be added based on suggestions including getting to work, getting to doctor and clinic appointments, and community events.

Where will the stops be and what time will they be at?


Although there is not an official schedule yet, the service will run Monday to Friday that will have 4 pickup spots in Virginia (2 stops and 2 park-n-rides) arriving at Fortune Bay by approximately 7:45 – 7:50 am., with stops for pre-arranged pick-up at the Vermilion Social Center and Elders’ housing.  The reverse route will be leaving Fortune Bay by approximately 4:15 pm. with the same drop off locations ending in Virginia.  Continue to visit this website for an updated schedule.

Can I request a special pickup or drop off?


Along with a fixed route of set pick up times and places, dial-a-ride options will be available once the route has begun.  To arrange a pick-up call the dispatch at 218-757-0280 or 1-888-757-1540.

How is Bois Forte providing this service?


Bois Forte is collaborating with Arrowhead Transit to provide transit services to a larger amount of residents interested in using the services.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?


Contact Transit Coordinator Jennie Rowland at  218-757-3261 ext 200  or