Minutes of a special meeting of the Bois Forte Reservation Tribal Council held August 11, 2009 at Nett Lake, Minnesota.


Meeting called to order at 10:25 a.m.


Members Present:           Kevin W. Leecy; David C. Morrison, Sr.; Cathy Chavers;

                                          Ray Villebrun, Sr.


Members Absent:           Ray Toutloff


Others Present:   Barb Brodeen; Andy Datko; Vicki Villebrun


Moved by Ray Villebrun, Sr.; seconded by Cathy Chavers; to adopt resolution #12-2010, to authorize the Bois Forte Community Re-Development Corporation to offer a limited waiver of sovereign immunity with respect to any agreements or contracts associated with the development and construction of the Government Service Center, including the proposed agreement with Kraus Anderson Construction.  Carried 3-0-0.


Ray Toutloff enters the meeting.


Barb Brodeen said Jeanine Whiteman is requesting to use the Band logo on backpacks.  The U.S. Census Bureau logo will also be on them.  The Council said not to use the Band logo. 


Moved by Ray Toutloff; seconded by Cathy Chavers; to adjourn the meeting at 10:35 a.m.  Carried 4-0-0.