Minutes of a special meeting of the Bois Forte Reservation Tribal Council held April 30, 2014 at Nett Lake, Minnesota.


Meeting called to order at 9:19 a.m.


Members Present:            Kevin W. Leecy; David C. Morrison Sr.; Brandon Benner; Karlene Chosa;

                                                      Ray Toutloff


Members Absent:             None


Others Present:                  Corey Strong; Mark Anderson; Vicki Villebrun; Tom Burr; Rene Barto; Lori Astleford; Wendy Stevens; Kay Davis; Eric Johnson; Josh Villebrun; Cathy Chavers; Jeneal Goggleye; Ericka Cote; Karen Drift; Donald Chosa Jr.; Dawn Benner; Bill Latady; Billie Mason; Joel Astleford; Carol Burr; Gloria Love; Dani Pieratos; Terri Drift; Linda Shykes; Tara Geshick; Eddie Chavers; Kim Greiner; Gordon Adams Jr.; Angie King; Simona Benner; Ron LaRoque; Miranda Lilya; Beverly Steel; Edith Villebrun; Randy Long; Bill Whiteman; Jessica Villebrun; Nikki Irving; Marybelle Isham; Candice Snyder; Anita Skutevik; Martha Overby


Moved by Karlene Chosa; seconded by Brandon Benner; to approve the agenda.  Carried 4-0-0.


Moved by Ray Toutloff; seconded by David Morrison Sr.; to approve the minutes of a regular meeting held April 17, 2014 at the Lake Vermilion Sector of the Bois Forte Reservation, Minnesota.  Carried 4-0-0.


Ray Toutloff asks about the updating of the Code of Ethics.  Corey Strong said he will talk with Human Resources and mark Anderson and see who should be involved in it.  Chairman Leecy said to get community input too.


Elders Committee:  Donald Chosa Jr. said most of the items they have they will bring up at the quarterly council/elder meeting.  Donald said there was a big turnout for the regalia project.  KBFT donated money, purchased material, and ENP donated the use of the sewing machines.  There was a big turnout for the drumstick making.  The language table will start May 5 and Karen Drift will be the instructor.  There will be a language table starting in Vermilion but the date is not set yet. 


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Special Meeting

April 30, 2014


Ray Toutloff asks about regalia and drumstick making in Vermilion.  Donald said there was not enough funding to do it, but the transit did transport people up to Nett Lake for those.  Ray suggested going through the Boys & Girls Club.


New tribal government employees:  Jeneal Goggleye introduces Rene Barto who is the new Nutrition Education.  Cathy Chavers introduces Ericka Cote who is the new Patient Benefits Contract Health Assistant.  Edith Villebrun introduces Jessica Villebrun who is the new Receiving/Delivery Clerk.  Carol Burr introduces Terri Drift who is the new Occupancy/Admissions Coordinator, and Ron LaRoque who is the new Elder Maintenance Worker.


Gordon Adams Jr. said there are two ladies that were introduced.  Gordon asks if they are Band members and if they are not Band members, why weren’t Band members given consideration for those positions that he said he knows our people can do.  He said this is wrong.  Jobs are taken away from enrolled Band members who truly deserve these types of jobs that they are qualified for. 


Chairman Leecy said those went through the process and he thinks Gordon is familiar with the process.  Those come forward with the top three recommendations.  Chairman Leecy said he doesn’t recall specifically on these top three recommendations and the qualifications.  Chairman Leecy said he could be given the information provided no personnel information if violated or violate any of their rights.   


Jeneal Goggleye said when the position closed and they were interviewed, Jeneal doesn’t remember how many applied but there weren’t very many.  The votes were tallied and that is how it ended up.


Cathy Chavers said the position was posted.  There were two applicants.  One was a Band member who withdrew their application.  


Gordon Adams Jr. said our people should be an opportunity or given a better chance to apply for these positions.


Dawn Benner said this has been going on for years.  Non-Band members are picked over our Band members.  The tribal councils before this one did that.  It’s just a matter of training and experience they have.  It isn’t nothing new.


Miranda Lilya said with our interview process, everybody is allowed to apply for positions.  If they choose not to apply for positions, whether they are Band members or not, if they don’t apply, they won’t go through the interview process.  People need to apply.  If they don’t apply, there is no possible way they will get the position. 


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Special Meeting

April 30, 2014


Gordon Adams Jr. said this is why they don’t apply.  They know they don’t stand a chance. 


Miranda Lilya said based upon the entire interview process, There are different areas in the interview process that Band members get points that non-Band members don’t.  So they are already at an advantage in the beginning.  But, based upon the entire interview process, there are five different areas that are looked at.  And everything is submitted to the tribal council.  HR doesn’t choose who gets these jobs.  If there are questions on the interview process, by you are anyone else, come to the HR department.  Everyone just assumes on the interview process. There is a process and it is followed. 


Candice Snyder, Anita Skutevik, and Martha Overby from the March of Dimes present a plaque to the tribal council in appreciation of Fortune Bay’s support and participation in the March of Dimes last year.  March of Dimes is working to prevent premature birth, birth defects, and infant mortality.  March of Dimes will be conducting a conference this fall in regard to babies being born addicted to opiates.


Chairman Leecy thanks March of Dimes, it has been a good partnership.  March of Dimes has given Bois Forte grants and those are appreciated.


Chairman Leecy has talked with other tribal leaders about getting together – Minnesota Chipps.  This winter, Chairman Leecy and David Morrison Sr. went to the Minnesota Chipps reunion.  Ernie “Bunky” Drift got special recognition at the reunion.  Chairman Leecy presents the plaque to Ernie’s daughter, Terri Drift for his family.


Eric Johnson informs the council and audience of the Heart of the Continent Geotourism Program (HOCG). Geotourism is tourism that sustains or enhances the geographic character of a place, its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being of its residents.  The HOCG will be making a National Geographic Society co-branded website and are asking people that live in the area to nominate places and events that visitors would visit.  Eric Johnson leaves information so people will know how to make nominations.


Moved by Ray Toutloff; seconded by Brandon Benner; to adopt resolution #104-2014, approving execution, delivery and performance of documents in connection with a loan from the American Bank of the North to the Bois Forte Band; limited waiver of sovereign immunity; adoption of an arbitration code; and other matters, for the purpose of refinancing of the government and community services building.  Carried 4-0-0.


Moved by Brandon Benner; seconded by Ray Toutloff; to approve opening a bank account at Northern Eagles Federal Credit Union for the purpose of allowing tenants/customers to transfer from their bank account to the Band’s account to pay on their bills.  Carried 4-0-0.

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Special Meeting

April 30, 2014


Moved by Ray Toutloff; seconded by David Morrison Sr.; to approve the contract with Market Analyst Professionals for $5,000 to complete a required market study for the tax credit 3 housing project.  Carried 4-0-0.


Moved by Brandon Benner; seconded by David Morrison Sr.; to adopt resolution #105-2014, consenting by the Band a Leasehold Mortgage for Larry Milbridge on his residential lease.  Carried 4-0-0.


Moved by David Morrison Sr.; seconded by Ray Toutloff; to adopt resolution #106-2014, fee-to-trust, approximately 228.32 acres of land located outside the exterior boundaries of the Bois Forte (Lake Vermilion Sector) Reservation.  Carried 4-0-0.


Ray Toutloff said in regard to the lots in Cedar Grove, the lots are big and roads/driveways need to be constructed.  One person wanted to barter the logs for clearing and were told they couldn’t, so they are stuck with a pile of timber because they can’t sell it.  Ray feels this becomes another obstacle for the leaseholders.  Tom Burr said all of the lessees need to do a building plan which is given to the DNR Commissioner who issues a decision.  It is up to Forestry and the council how to treat the timber.  Ray Toutloff would like the council to discuss this more, probably at a Monday morning meeting.


Miranda Lilya said Bois Forte will be a regional host and having Falmouth Institute do a Robert’s Rules of Order training in September.  It will be held at Fortune Bay.  Miranda is requesting the use of the Band logo for the brochures Falmouth Institute will be sending out for the training.  They also want to use Fortune Bay’s logo but Miranda does not know who to ask.  Mark Anderson said the Band is the owner of Fortune Bay’s logo.


Moved by Brandon Benner; seconded by Ray Toutloff; to approve Falmouth Institute using the Bois Forte Band logo and Fortune Bay logo for advertising purposes.  Carried 4-0-0.  


Moved by Brandon Benner; seconded by David Morrison Sr.; to adopt resolution #107-2014, supporting the efforts of the Center of American Indian and Minority Health, University of Minnesota-Duluth for their application to Indian Health Service in 2014 to continue INMED activities.  Carried 4-0-0.


Moved by Karlene Chosa; seconded by Brandon Benner; to adjourn the meeting at 10:39 a.m.  Carried 4-0-0.